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TBS Cover Editor 2.6

Creates covers for e-books, applications, movies, etc.
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Choose from more than 100 available templates and create personalized 3D covers for products like movies, software, games, etc.

TBS Cover Editor is used to create the boxes in which software is shipped to customers. This particular application looks very advanced and, at first sight, one would say that it is for professional graphic designers only, but one would be mistaken.

The design of the boxes is made in a 2-dimensional plane. So, the user is not to worry about 3D modeling. Instead, the users works in 2D mode and designs a box. There is a real-time 3D preview on the top right part of the screen that shows a graphical representation of what the box will look like in 3D, which changes every time the user changes the 2D image.

TBS Cover Editor allows you to start your boxes from scratch, or you can use one of the samples provided and change it to create your own box. You can create new shapes, text, and even add several layers to your work. In design, Layers are the way to go. In using Layers in a box design, you are given a lot of freedom to create good and detailed designs. And every little part of your design can be freely moved around. You can even save your layers or shapes to use them in other projects.

I am not a designer, and I have only the average understanding of how these applications work, yet I think I can make a good box using this application, but I also see quite a few advanced features that I know nothing about. In short, TBS Cover Editor is simple enough for the average user to use, but it is also packed with other more advanced features. The graphical user interface is very clean and the 3D, real-time preview is just great. At $80, it is not too expensive either.

José Fernández
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  • It is easy to use, yet very advanced
  • The 3D preview is just great


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